Ignacio Acosta – “Tales from the Crust”

We are happy to feature a guest podcast by the artist Ignacio Acosta!

The podcast Tales from the Crust builds on Ignacio Acosta’s ongoing research into extractive activities in Chile and Swedish Sábme. In Chile, as in Sámi areas in northern Sweden, mining activities by multinational corporations are both visibly and invisibly shaping the landscape and toxifying water, soil, and air while displacing agricultural and indigenous communities. The excavation, extraction, and exploitation of minerals—justified by the promise of immediate accelerated economic growth—means that spaces inhabited by communities become ravaged by desertification, contamination, and expropriation, becoming sites of political and environmental dispute. This podcast was produced in collaboration between pluriversal radio and Arts Catalyst, and is part of Extractable MattersArts Catalyst’s ongoing inquiry into the politics of extractive practices, of their infrastructures and effects on a planetary scale.

Produced with the support of Arts Catalyst, Arts Council England and pluriversal radio.

Sound design and mix by Udit Duseja.